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How To Perfectly Incorporate Your Hometown Into Your Wedding

When you are all about the place you live and how it charts your daily life, your hometown can become as beloved to you as a an old friend. Ashley and Brian feel this way about Queens, New York as they work, live and eat there. So when planning their big day of course they knew Queens would be on the top of their guest list.

The couple was very focused of course on how their friends and family would enjoy the food so they opted for family style dinner with not one, but two cakes for dessert!

Aloria Cakes Featured On Offbeat Brides

This art gala wedding created an exhibition of art by family & friends.

Astoria Small Business Owner Spotlight: Aloria Cakes!

We’re still coming down from the high of last week’s Best of Astoria bash. (Yes, the party was THAT awesome.) One of my favorite parts of the evening has to be the cupcakes provided by Astoria baker Anastasia Cunningham, the talented lady behind Aloria Cakes and Gourmet Sweets. 

Astoria Characters: The Baker Who’s Found Her Sweet Spot

There are eight fresh-baked cupcakes on the metal stand. Anastasia Cunningham is crowning each with a snowflake star smothered in shiny sugar sprinkles...

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Aloria Cakes on Queenscapes

Anastasia Cunningham is the Founder of @AloriaCakesNYC, and self described, "Mompreneur" based in Astoria, Queens...

Courtesy of Adolfo Steve Vazquez on Instagram